Saturday, May 9, 2009

Send in the next wave!

"TheNobleWolves"' has provided us with an army list for his "Human Wave" tactica for you guys to try!

2000 pt. Human Wave Army List

HQ:Command Squad Master of Ordnance Boltgun Vox Carapace 3 G. Launchers Chimera Points: 182

(C)= Platoon Command, (S)= Squad or Combined Squad

Platoon Stalingrad(C) Vox (C) 3 GL (S) 5 GL (S) Vox (S) Commissar (Com) Power Wep. (S) Priest (Priest) Eviscerator HW Squad Points: 495

Platoon Leningrad(C) Vox (C) 3 GL (S) 5 GL (S) Vox (S) Commissar (Com) Power Wep. (S) Priest (Priest) Eviscerator
HW Squad Points: 495

Stormtroopers (4 ST, 1 Sarge) 2 Meltas Points: 105

Stormtroopers (4 ST, 1 Sarge) 2 Meltas Points: 105

Fast Attack

Hellhound Squad (3x)Points: 390

Heavy Support

Griffon Artillery Squad (3x)Points: 225

Total Points: 1997

I'm not sure if you get a 1 KP for every tank in a squad or 1 KP for killing the entire squad, so I'll give both. KP: 14/18

Strategy: Die. A lot. Your troops will take the brunt of the casualties, but that's why they have a Commissar handy to keep them in line. The Priest allows them to have a chance of causing some damage in CC, as well as giving the squad some AT with his Eviscerator. Move them up the field with Run, Run, Run! and then either assault entrenched position or take up firing positions in cover. Your Storm Troopers are your problem solvers. Take the 'Airborne Assault' Special Op. so they can land where they need to and pop problem armor. Your HHs will act as a bullet sponge, taking fire away from your Squads as they move up. Your Mortar HW squads and the Griffons will launch shells over your advancing columns' heads, hopefully pinning the shooty portions of your enemy's armies.

Strengths: This will absolutely murder in Objective missions. Ignore everything else and concentrate on the enemy's objective holders. Your HW squads can hold onto your homebase objectives while the rest of your army harasses your enemy's holdings. And it won't do too shabby in kill points, as well. Plus, you can have the satisfaction of watching your opponent's face as, after putting down 55 Guardsmen and a HW squad, you can clap your hands and say 'Platoon 2!'

Weaknesses: Armor. There is a total of 4 Meltaguns in this entire army. BS4 Meltas, mind you, but still only 4. So use your Stormtroopers like a surgical tool to kill problem armor before they become too much of a problem. DSing Termies and tough CC armies will also be a problem, but less so than Armor as a whole.

Trade the Stormies out for Vets with 3 Meltas apiece against Mechanized/Tank Armies.

Spread out each HH/Griffon into seperate squads so you can have more flexibility in your targeting.

Get rid of the HHs and Ratlings and take a full Ogryn squad and extra Stormies for more CC power and some additional HSLasguns.

Trade the HHs for Banewolves against MEQ armies.

Okay guys, there you have it! Go bury you opponent under a pile of Guardsmen!


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