Monday, May 4, 2009

Falling in!

Hello, all. I am the Dark Aeon. I am the top poster on the best Imperial Guard forum on the internet, and I am a die hard I.G player.

I have been playing Imperial Guard for seven years, off and on. I love them. They are without a doubt, the best army for 40k hobbiests. The opportunities for conversions, fluff, game play, etc etc, are nearly limitless.

I have been a friend of Reds & Royals for a few months now, meeting him in person and playing games against him several times (and he wins, every time) during our respective breaks from school. So, I am here to help with the blog.

One of my favourite parts of the Guard is the fluff. I love writing it, I have even written a guide for writing it. Eventually, it will be shared on this blog.

I have such a difficult time retaining just one idea, that I don't truely have a standing army. I run any army that I feel like they should be, though I suppose I should just pick one, right?

On this blog, I will be mostly posting Guides for Imperial Guard, such as painting, converting, and tactics. The most prominant part of my contribution to this blog will be flavourful and in depth instructions to learning different things about the Guard, and I am very excited for it to begin.

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