Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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NobleWolves has provided us with a list using the advice from his previous article. Here it is.

Double Up and Crush Them 2000 pt.
Command Squad
Master of Ordnance
Total: 217

Troops Platoon Hammer, 45 (Two 20-man combined squads, Platoon Command)
(C) Vox
(C) 3 Flamers
(S) 4 Flamers
(S) 2 Vox
(S) 2 Commissars
(Com) 2 Power Wep.
Total: 370

Platoon Anvil, 25 (Two 10-man squads, Platoon Command, 2 HW squads)
(C) Vox
(C) 3 GL
(S) 2 GL
(S) 2 Vox
(S) 2 Autocannons
Autocannon HW Squad
Autocannon HW Squad
Total: 340

Ratlings, 6 Total: 60
Ratlings, 6 Total: 60

Fast Attack
Scout Sentinels, 3
3 Lascannons
Total: 150

Scout Sentinels, 3
3 Lascannons
Total: 150

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Squadron, 2
2 Heavy Stubbers
Total: 320

Leman Russ Squadron, 2
2 Lascannons
Total: 330Points

Summary: HQ: 217 Troops: 710 Elites: 120 Fast Attack: 300 Heavy Support: 650
KP: 15
Scoring: 8
Infantry: 97
Vehicles: 11
Total Points: 1997

Da Kunnin' Plan: This list has a little bit of everything for everybody. You've got outflanking tankhunting Sentinels aided by an Astropath, 12 snipers, 5 big pie plates per turn, Commissars with power weapons, and more Autocannons, Grenade Launchers, and Flamers than you can shake a lho stick at. Using the Hammer and Anvil technique, the Hammer platoon and the tanks move up the board, delivering a good whallop to the Enemy while the Snipers and Anvil platoon remain behind to hold main ground. Then the Sentinels come in to deliver the killing blow to any armor or Terminator-equivalent.

There you go guys. Enjoy!

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