Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Combined Unit Tactics

Well, here I am again, with tacticas. This article is on request of a ranking member of the IGMB, and I am happy to oblige and share my knowledge.

So, I have recently gone over a Mechanized regiment, but what about using multiple types of units in unison and coordinating uber death tactics? I have some ideas.

Tactic #1: Psyker-Battle Cheese

Units You Need:
  • Psyker Battle Squad
  • Inquisitor Lord
  • Calexus Assassin
  • 2x Chimeras

The Usage:

Okay, do you all know how the Calexus Assassin works from the Inquisitorial Codicies? I'll tell you: For every psyker that is within 12" of the Calexus Assassin, the assassin gains another attack to his basic weapon, the Animus Speculum. This weapon fires with the Ap of a meltagun, and has the strength of a heavy bolter. It starts out with Assault 2, and the assassin takes up an elite choice.

The Psyker Battle Squad takes up an elite choice, so you can take 2 of them with an assassin. Keep them in the chimera, and infiltrate the assassin. Move up the psyker chimera's near the assassin, who should be near an enemy, and unload the psykers.

Result: your Animus Speculum immedialty goes from being Assault 2 to Assault 20. That's 20 S5 Ap1 shots. You can annihilate virutally any vehicle, slaughter any foe, and if there are enemy psykers - well, there's no chance of their survival.

Tactic #2: No Escaping the Template!

Units You Need:

  • Ursarkar E. Creed
  • Astropath
  • 2x Units of Ratlings and/or Mortars
  • Banewolf
  • Al'rahem w/ 2-5 Guard squads. All in Chimeras (armed with Hvy Flamers)

The Usage:

This one is devastating. Ursarkar allows a unit to outflank. That's your Banewolf right there. It's a template that always wounds on a 2+, ignores cover, and has an Ap value of 3. Dead power armour, right there! Also, no scatter, and no need to roll to hit! Also, Al'rahem allows his entire platoon to ouflank. Put them in chimera's with as many heavy flamers as possible. Arm the command squad with a heavy flamer, and the regular guard with flamers or meltaguns.

To start, pick an enemy unit. Now, pump it with mortar shells and Ratling sniper shots. Make sure that it is either pinned (if not fearless) or severly weakened (in number. You don't want to get close to a unit of Khorne Berserkers...).

Once pinned or softened up, you're gonna attempt to bring in some of your outflankers. That's where the Astropath comes in, giving you a +1 to all your reserve rolls to ensure that they're gonna arrive when you need them.

Now that they've arrived, you're going to hit them with every single template in your ouflanking platoon, and your banewolf. There is no escaping the template. Keep in mind, though, that this only works when the enemy is close to the table edge, maybe holed up in a building. Too far away, and you'll get shot up before you can reach them to smoke 'em out.

Tactic #3: Rolling Thunder...and Flying Thunder too?

Units You Need:

  • Storm Troopers
  • Valkyries w/ rocket pods, and heavy bolters
  • at least 3 Hellhounds

The Usage:

This one is simple. It combines the Guard's ability to hit the enemy from every single direction possible. Your set up is basic: Hellhounds in deployment zone, Storm troopers in valkyries, valkyries in reserve, ready to outflank and annihilate.

Rush forward with the new bonus for Hellhounds: Fast, tank. They can move a lot faster now in the new codex, and if moving at 12", they can still shoot. Your goal is to get up close enough to hit them with every Hellhound weapon you have. Just shoot until you cannot shoot anymore.

Once the Stormies arrive, you move the Valkyrie around the back of the enemy, hit them with 2 five inch blast templates, a multi-laser, and a pair of heavy bolters, while dropping out of the back, are storm troopers armed with Ap3 hellguns and any special weapon of your choosing.

The Result: hellhounds in the front, valkyries overhead, and stormies in the rear. The enemy is effectively surrounded, and every weapon that you're hitting them with is lethal to no end.

Conclusion: I'll have more of these as I think of them or discover them through play. Thanks for reading.

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