Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Battle Royale!

I've agreed to do something very brave (or foolish). On June 7th, real life permitting, I will travel through the Warp that is the VA roadways, and do battle against the combined forces of Reds' and Aeon's IG with my Space Marines. I've not yet decided if I will be fielding them as vanilla or Blood Angels. Expect updates sporadically until the fated day arrives...


  1. Wow Virginia? What part, come down to Williamsburg or Hampton and play against my guard next time :)


  2. Sounds good to me, but I'm not sure Aeon can do that. If you're feeling brave, and are willing to drive up to Northern VA (about 20-30 outside DC), shoot me a PM on the IGMB, and we can hammer out the details.


  3. And I'm driving from northern MD, so...

  4. That would be fun! Guard vs Guard vs Guard vs Guard! That would have to be something I'll have to plan in, but make it like a big event! I'll post it on my site too, and we can figure something out!