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Blog Donations, Pt. 2: The Revenge: The Sequel: 'Now, it's personal!'

This is another contribution from IGMB member "TheNobleWolves" (he requested the name of the post, too. Honest!) This one is about the proper use of the Human Wave army that we all know and love.


We've all heard about it. WWII Russians launching desperate attacks against entrenched German positions with nothing but men and rifles, if that. This is what war is all about- death, carnage, and the willful expenditure of human life.

I've always wanted to make a human wave army, but thanks to the old "Need Platoon for Conscripts" rules and the lack of combined squads, I couldn't construct the lists I wanted. So I'm going to go through the Codex and pick out the units that will be of good use to a Human Wave army. First, though, we need to discuss general tactics:

1. A human wave army is not afraid of taking casualties. Why? Because, as the saying goes, we have reserves.
2. AHWA makes prodigious use of cover saves. It also provides cover saves for more important squads.
3. AHWA leaves tank-busting to the professionals- Stormies, Ogryn in CC, and other elite units.
4. AHWA is always moving. To stay still is to invite death.
5. AHWA does not make high use of the slow Leman Russ, as it is slow and requires LoS to be of full use. With all the bodies you'll be throwing on the table, you'll be gimping your LRBTs and wasting points. It does make use of anything that can fire indirectly- Mortars, Basilisks, Griffons, and others.
6. The goal of a HWA is to drown the enemy in either close-range firepower or warm bodies. Mobility is the key!
7. Expense is for the Schola Progenium. When making your army, remember: bodies > awesome kit.Now, units and their buildout:

HQ:Company Commander: This is the backbone of your force. He'll be running behind He should be moderately kitted out, but nothing too lavish. Remember, your mantra in this army is most bang for your buck. Recommended armament: Bolter, Vox, Carapace Armor, Astropath or Master of Ordnance, maybe Chimera. Vets should have Grenade Launchers.Orders (in order of importance): Run run run!, Get back in the fight!, First Rank FIRE!, Bring it down!, Fire on my Target!, and INCOMING!

Lord Commissar: Skip it. Orders are a key of your army, and losing command orders is not a good enough trade-off for 6" Fearless range.

Yarrick: Same as Lord Commissar.

Primaris Psyker: Again, skip.

Creed: I'd recommend this boy for armies over 1500 pts. For the Honor of Cadia! will help your combined troops kill a lot on the first charge.

Kell: Never take Creed without Kell. It's like Bill without Ted.

Straken: Meh. Your choice. Won't help, won't hurt.

Nork: If you want Bodyguards, forget them and take Nork. He'll protect your Commander but good.

Priests: Take them and stick them in combined Squads. Re-rolling missed hits and an Eviscerator are worth every point spent.

Enginseers: If you have the points, take 'em and stick 'em near your artillery.


Ogryn: Take squad of 5-10 and run them up the enemy's weak flank, protected by a combined squad. These boys can kill any vehicle that isn't 14-round armor, and they can help the combined squad murder any enemy CC unit.

Ratlings: Your choice. They can help, or they can miss all their shots.

Psyker Battle Squad: Skip. This army isn't about fancy magicks.

Stormies: These boys should always be DS and kitted out for tank killing, as they'll be your premiere tank killers in your human wave army. If you can, take two squads use the Airborne Assault Special Op.

Marbo: This guy can murder or fail hard. But for 65 measly points, he can be a good 'fly in the ointment' unit. Remember that he can't assault when he's place on the board, so don't put him in front of a Warboss and his Nobz.


Platoon Command: Absolutely essential. They should be 6" behind your combined squads, barking the RUN RUN RUN! order. Armament: Vox, Power weapon/Fist, Commissar with Power Wep/Fist, Medipack if you have the points. Vets should have Grenade Launchers

Chenkov: For flavor, there's nothing like Chenkov.

Al'rahem: For tactical flexibility, there's nothing Al'rahem.

Combined Squads: 4-5 combined squads with Grenade Launchers, a vox, a Commie with a Power Weapon, and a Priest with an Eviscerator can do so much. Their main role is acting as meat shields for your Ogryns and as juicy targets to keep your tanks safe.

Special Weapon Squads: Skip

HW squads: Take vanilla Mortar squads and try to pin your enemy's shooty units. If you know you'll have some high ground to get LoS, take HB/Autocannon squads and lay some smackdown on heavier units.

Conscripts: Skip, unless you really need the extra points.

Vets: Your other tank-killers, kit these boys out with a Power Fist and 3 Meltas. Doctrines are at your discretion, as they're equally good and bad.

Sgt. Harker: Inferior to Bastonne

Bastonne: Superior to Harker. His ability to give his squad 'Bring it Down!' as well as other orders is worth the points.

Penal Legionnaires: Hey, this game is all about dice rolling. Why not take a gamble? These guys can make good outflankers, and their Desperadoes/ Stubborn combo can make them lethal.


Scout/Armored sentinel: Skip. Good units, but it ruins the flavor of old-style WWII human wave armies.

Rough Riders: Good flavor, but a mediocre unit. If you do take them, keep them in the rearguard to protect your artillery from DSing Termies or other nasties.

Hellhound Squadron: 3 HHs or 3 DDs. Your choice. I'd go with HHs just for nostalgia.

Valk/Vendetta: Skip. Also an unflavorful unit.


Any LRBT: Skip. Again, too slow and requires LoS. Also, main battle tanks are quite usually absent from human wave attacks. Exceptions may be made for Punisher/Exterminator, but you will be required to have your Commissar sign off on it.

Ordnance Battery: Take any 3 you want, but always take at least 1 Griffon to act as your 'target' shot, allowing you to reroll your first scatter.

Hydra: Good, cheap unit. Put them somewhere with LoS and unload.Manticore/Deathstrike: Save for games over 2000 pts.And there it is, the human wave army.

Get to fighting and dying, Guardsman! For Terra! "

There you go guys! This army isn't exactly my style, but it's effective, very characterful and lots of fun. Try it out!


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