Thursday, August 6, 2009

One colour painting

Having trouble painting those massed guard armies? Well think hard no more, and just read what I have to say, because i've figuerd it out. I can show you how to get an even coat, base your men, and get them done faster than ever before! No more than half and hour on each guardsman!

Things you'll need:
1) Brushes (obviously)
2) A basing material
3) 2x similar Foundation Paints
4) A flesh colour and a wash for the flesh (Ogryn flesh for lighter skin, Devlan mud for darker skin)
5) A metallic colour
6) A related Citadel wash
7) A colour for the Aquila (recommended: Astronimcon Grey)
8) A leather colour (black or brown)
9) Hobby glue or Elmer's glue

Now, what I mean by 2x similar Foundation paints, is two colours that are the same colour of different shades, such as Knarloc Green and Orkhide shade, or in the case of my own army, Charadon Granite and Adeptus Battle Grey. One colour is for the fatigues, and one is for the armour.

The Citadel Wash I was refering to should be of the same colour or similar colour. So, if you're doing guardsmen that are green, then get Thraka Green wash. I use Badab Black for my grey guardsmen.

The Metallic colour should be for the gun barrel, so don't pick gold or bronze unless you want strange looking guardsmen (but who knows, they could look unique).

And lastly, for the Aquila, I'd pick either white or gold. Gold goes best with darker coloured armour, and is harder to paint then white or light grey.

Basing material should be a soil of some sort, for example, arid sand. I recommend using Gale Force 9 (GF9) basing material. They are cheap, and come in tubs that will last you quite a while. As a secondary basing material, which is optional, you might pick a static grass of some sort, or small stones. I do not use a secondary material, I only base my guardsmen with ash wastes flock.

Step #1) Water down your fatigues colour, and paint it on the fatigues. Make sure you get everything.

Step #2) Water down your armour colour and paint the armour. Again, make sure to get everything, and watch out for streaks!

Step #3) Give the entire model a good wash of your chosen Citadel Wash. Because the fatigues and the armour are the same colour, but different shades, you'll be able to just casually wash the entire model with one single wash colour. Don't wash it multiple times - one wash will do!

Step #4) Now paint the skin. Water down the flesh colour a little bit but not too much, else your flesh colour will spill onto the fatigues and helmet.

Step #5) Wash the skin with your flesh wash colour.

Step #6) Paint the leather. This includes boots, the mag pouches, and the canteen holder, and possibly the knife sheath. The leather does not need a wash necessarily, but if you're going to wash it, wash it before you paint the metal.

Step #7) Paint the metal, and if you want to wash it, then do so, but it is not important.

Step #8) Carefully paint the Imperial Aquila. Do not wash it in any way, as the detail will already be covered enough.

Step #9) Base the figure. Don't paint the basing material, just leave it how it is.

End result: A very nice looking guardsman, with basing on it, and an incredibly simple looking scheme!


  1. Nice. A good way to quickly get a high table quality army finished. Maybe I'll do a step-by-step of how I do a Guardsman. Then the rest of the world can spend four hours on a basic infantryman... I've gotten a bit faster, though.

  2. Nice step by step you've got there. Keep them coming.

  3. We need pics of these steps

  4. Yeah pics would be awesome :)