Saturday, August 1, 2009

What army gives you the most trouble?

Alright guys, the Flamer Tactica is in the pipeline, and I should have some time to pump out that LRMBT article as well.

I've set up a new poll for your consideration. What we here at Forward March want to know is what armies do you struggle against the most as IG? Once we have a winner, Requiem, myself, and Aeon (aka Mr. Bobo) as well as a few others will weigh in, and I'll pull all the advice into a single tactica.

Now, I've left off two armies here. Tyranids, since I think all three of us have little experience with them, and Dark Eldar, because I'm pretty sure all three of us have NO experience with them.

So have at it guys. Which armies give you the most trouble? Specifying combos like Drop Pod Marines, Tau Gunlines, etc, in the comments will help us know what specifically to address.

Edit: We've already discussed Broadsides and Monoliths in the Comments, so if there's a specific unit that gives you trouble, post there, and we'll help out!



  1. It's those god damned broadsides, I hate em!

    Any tips greatly appreciated Reds


  2. There's always an element of luck dealing with Broadsides. If you can get first turn, Demolishers will ruin them, as will Executioners. Remember, though, Camo Netting is your friend here, just in case they have a chance to snipe at your tanks beforehand. Melta Stormies with a Sgt. packing Plasma will mess them up pretty badly, especially in Valks or Chimeras. Devil Dogs can snipe at them with the Melta Cannon and a Hull multimelta, but expect them to get a lot of return fire. Vendettas are excellent, too, as they can both carry Meltas Vets to deal with the suits, and snipe at them with the TL Lascannons.

    Marbo and his Demo Charge will work wonders, as will a Rahemo Platoon with Plasma or Meltas in the PCS. That combo is particularly deadly against Tau Gunlines, as you can have Rahemo and his squad drop the Broadsides, while the infantry squads turn Flamers and GLs on the Firewarriors. Attaching a Pfist wielding Commissar to Rahemo's Melta PCS is a pretty good way of ensuring that the Broadsides will be wiped out.

    Finally, Rough Riders. They can move fast enough to get close to the Broadsides quickly (although keep them in cover if possible, since the other Tau will be shooting at them). Once they attack, they will (usually) hit and wound on a 3+, and those Hunting Lances will deny armour saves on the first charge. If I've done my math right, a unit of 7 RRs will get 25 attacks at In 5, Str 5, hitting and wounding on 3+. That will kill just about anything.


  3. I have a fair tad of trouble with monoliths, I mean you can avoid them to an extent, but I'm just wondering if you guys know a way to nail them.

  4. Ah, the Brick Of Cheese. I'm hoping Requiem will stop by and toss in his $.02, since he has Necrons, but I'll do what I can until then.

    Honestly, the Demolisher is your best bet, I find. Lascannon Teams and Bassies are cheaper, but have a hard time against AV 14, and are more fragile. The Demo has a 50% chance of glancing the thing, and is tough enough to take return fire. Sponsons aren't actually necessary, but Multimeltas are handy against Necron Warriors and the other T4 units on the field, and still have a chance of glancing the Mono.

    What you're looking for on the Damage table is a 4, 5, or 6. A 4 is pretty good, especially if you get it in the beginning of the Game, since it means his very expensive Death Pyramid is stuck in his deployment zone. The Demolisher is then free to roam about the field, insta-killing everything from Warriors to the Lord. Against Crons, I tend to run a pair of Demos, alongside an ML Team or two to bust Heavy Destroyers that might give my armour some trouble.


  5. Monolith:

    Strategy #1: Ignore it and focus on phase-out. Probably the best strategy, and teh most damaging to the 'cron player psyche: oh wait, my "more expensive than a LR" model didn't really do anything?
    Strategy #2: Take 'em out. If you know you're going to battle one of these, take a mess-load of ordnance weapons. They somehow don't have to comply with the Living Metal rule. Meltabombs are still the most reliable way to destroy any vehicle: you use the base strength and no bonus d6 for AP. The base of a meltabomb IS 8+2d6, and not 8+d6+d6, so you have a better than 1/2 chance to pen on that T-1000 armor.

    When a 'lith is on the table, it's easy to ignore/focus on, but a Necron player should be DSing it anyway... try to phase him out.

  6. Nob Bikers... Eldar Seer Councils... :)

  7. Hmmm... So the general idea is a demolisher or two and meltabombs? That seems decent :). One more question, what are good flank guards, I'm considering two LRMBT (1 on each flank) and a Vanq for some AT weight. What are your thoughts?

  8. @Anon: I do like putting Armour and HW Sections near my flanks, to give them a wider field of fire that overlaps with the other FS units, but I don't like putting them on the extreme flanks. As much as it pains me to say this, screen the tanks with infantry on your flanks, if you suspect the enemy has outflankers. A tank is a very expensive investment, and if assaulted, it will probably die. That's why I prefer to have an infantry squad with an HB sitting on the flank, screening the armour while still putting out shots.

    As for Vanqs, I assume you mean in general, as opposed to against Monoliths. There's been quite a bit of discussion over whether or not they get the Pen bonus against Monoliths, and the answer is no. Against most other armies, yes, take a Vanquisher, but remember to back it up with some MLs or Lascannons.

    @RS: Ah, yes, Nob Bikers. I routinely got my butt handed to me by these guys under the old Codex. Jwolf on BOLS recommends Demolishers and Hellhounds, but there are problems with that. Hellhounds have better range, but will only wound on a 3+, and still allow for a FnP save. Demolishers have shorter range, thus meaning if the Bikers do get within range, they're a solid chance they'll be assaulting you next turn, and you'll lose the tank.

    I suggest a different approach. Take a normal Russ instead of a Demolisher. It's cheaper, has better range, still wounds on a 2+, and can insta-pulp Nobs (remember, that +1 to Toughness for being on a bike does NOT apply to Instant Death, so a Str 8 weapon will still do the job). He'll still get that cover save, but if he fails it, he loses a bike, period. Hellhounds are decent, but if you're feeling bold, try a Banewolf. It doesn't have the same range, but it wounds on a 2+, and can move a full 12in (meaning if the Nobs attack it, they hit on 6's), and STILL fire both the Hull Heavy Flamer and the Chem Cannon, which counts as a Defensive Weapon (Str 1). Now, this may not kill all of the Bikers (in fact, it probably won't), especially if they have FNP, but you can do a LOT of wounds, helping to counter FNP. Two washes from a Banewolf will see the end of most Biker Mobs.

    One of my dark little secrets is that I haven't fought Eldar, so I'll consult with several people and get back to you on Seer Councils.