Sunday, July 19, 2009

Slagging Armour 101: Vanquishers

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Let's talk about one of my favorite things in the new Guard Codex.


Rejoice, boys and girls, because gone are the days of relying on Bassies for tank sniping, using Demolishers with Multimeltas to pop Land Raiders, or spamming Lascannons against Mech Tau and Marines. The Imperial Guard now has the best tank killing weapon in the game: The Leman Russ Vanquisher. It's cheap, it's tough, and it slags armour like no one's business.

Now, I've heard a lot of people complaining about the downgrade of it's main gun. In Imperial Armour I, it could fire the AT shells (which used a small blast) AND a normal Battlecannon shot. Without sparking a huge debate, I'm just going to say this; The downgrade makes sense. If they left the profile the same, then no one would take a LRMBT. Also, rolling to hit instead of scattering is better, since you have less of a chance to hit dead on with scatter, and hole of the template HAS to be on the tank to get a full strength hit.

Now, moving on, let's talk about some upgrades for your Vanq

Hull HB or Lascannon: Lascannon, and I shouldn't have to tell you why.

Sponsons: I find these to be a waste. No point in putting Flamer, HB, or the uber expensive Plasma sponsons on the Vanq, as that will help it fill a role you shouldn't be using the Vanq for. Some people like Multimelta sponsons, but I find the range to be crippling when it comes to using them effectively. Honestly, just leave the Sponsons at home.

Pintle Mounts: Only useful for shooting at basic infantry, and you shouldn't be shooting your Vanquisher at basic infantry.

Hunter-Killer Missile: I would pass on these in general for the IG. Hitting on a 4+ just isn't worth it.

Dozer Blade: Only take it if you plan on moving your Vanq, and that should only happen if you decided to tack Multi Meltas on to it. I would just leave it behind.

Extra Armour: Again, only if you plan on moving. Otherwise, the difference between "Shaken" and "Stunned" really doesn't matter.

Camo Netting: Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! If you plan on sitting back and sniping, and can spare the points, take this. it gives you a 3+ cover save when you're hiding in a building or woods, making your Vanq not only lethal, but also even harder to kill.

Knight Commander Pask: With the Hull Lascannon adding in another AT shot, I find that he's not essential, but he always helps if you can spare the points. I would honesty put him in a Vanq instead of any other Russ.

Now that you have an idea of what you're putting on your Vanquisher, let's figure out how many you should be taking. Generally, I always take one, and that's usually all I need. They really shine when working in pairs, though, as you can put one on either side of your deployment, so you can catch the enemy in their side armour. I prefer to run them separately, if I can, but taking them in squadrons isn't terrible. Still, only do it if you have to.

When it comes to deployment, I really do like putting them on the side of the table, to get better angles at enemy armour. putting them so they're hiding in woods or buildings is also a great idea, as it allows them some protection from the absurd amount of return fire they'll be getting after they pop the first tank. Make sure you have a clear field of fire down most of the table, too, so the enemy won't be getting any cover saves from the pain you're dishing out.

As for using them in the actual game, sitting back and sniping is what they do best. Have them target the heavy/critical stuff first (Land Raiders, Hammerheads, Dreads, etc), and leave the lighter stuff to your infantry. You can also use them to snipe any unescorted SCs that are wandering around, or put some pain on Termies that have deep struck behind you. Since the shots don't use templates, this means you can actually get away with shooting the Termies without worrying that the shot may scatter into your men.

There you go! Hope that helped you get to know the best tank killer out there a little better.



  1. Vanquisher downgrade! Rabble, rabble, rabble...

  2. Just figured I'd mention this, but IGMB Member MacFeegle pointed out the H-K Missile ALWAYS hits on a 4+, regardless of who's driving the tank around. I've corrected it.